News from Nibelheim: Valhalla-luja!! The Ring Cycle is Coming!

Voss-FrancescaZambello-21FINAL_cropThe Ring Cycle is coming this season to WNO April 30–May 22. Many of you have already booked tickets and special benefits, but “News from Nibelheim” is a new blog series created just for you!

I’m starting this blog for our Ring-goers to give you updates and thoughts on what’s going on as we make our way on the “Road to Valhalla.” My deep and passionate love for all things Ring will be coming your way in this regular communication. It’s my way of personally staying in touch with you by sharing backstage life. Some of the comments will be light and fun, and some will touch on the powerful content and ideas that the Ring conveys. There will be a variety of topics, fun stuff, and even special cocktail recipes to salute the many drinks consumed in Wagner’s operas!

We’ve been planning this monumental event for several years, and as it approaches, each month we’ll add more and more excitement (and work) for the WNO staff. Since there are so many members of our WNO family working on the Ring, this blog will give you a chance to check in and get to know many of them.

Here is something to start you off! As you may already know, we are fully cast. So below, I’ve included a kind of “family tree” with all of the characters (and the many talented artists portraying them) for you to keep as a handy reference. I find this helpful to keep all the threads of the characters connected.

– By Francesca Zambello, WNO Artistic Director and Ring director



  • Thank you for this blog. I am so looking forward to reading and following this blog. I so wish I could attend, but health reasons prevent me. It will keep me updated on the happenings of the Ring. I am excited for my brother who is singing the role of Wotan. It will help me feel as if I am there supporting him and the other performers and staff of this production. Blessings to all.

  • My boyfriend and I are totally excited to be attending Cycle II, especially since Roy and I met because of the Ring. We both attend the Metropolitan Opera HD simulcasts, which attract a small but loyal audience here in Port Huron, Michigan. After we chatted about my upcoming trip to the Bayreuth Festival in 2013 (I waited 10 years to get Ring tickets!), he loaned me his CDs and asked me to send him a postcard. One thing led to another, and we’re loving every moment together. Ho-yo-to-ho!

  • Alejandro Spoltore

    Thank you for the blog , Icant wait to see Ring Cycle 3 , Ive seen several rings already and I know this will be also a succes , with such a cast and production.

  • I am excited to bring a group of college students to their first Ring in D.C. This blog will be helpful as we prepare for the visit.