Spotlight on Timothy Bruno, Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist

Bruno Timothy J HeadshotBass Timothy Bruno joined the WNO Domingo-Cafritz Young Artists in the fall of 2015. Read even more about him here. 


Where were you born? Do you consider this home today?

I was born in Williamsport, PA: home of the Little League World Series. However, I lived in Toledo, OH from my sophomore year of high school until I came to Silver Spring for the Young Artist program.

What was your first transformative musical experience? How old were you?

Frankly, I had never been very into the popular music culture. Before I got into opera, and before opera, barbershop quartet music, I didn’t really connect to music. The one exception was, for some reason, when I was around 10 years old, I became obsessed with Jesus Christ Superstar. So obsessed, in fact, that I wore out my VHS copy of it.

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News from Nibelheim: What Exactly is Nibelheim?

Voss-FrancescaZambello-21FINAL_cropNibelheim is a place inhabited by people called the Nibelung. One of the defining characteristics of the Nibelung is their short stature. (Some of you may also know them from your kids’ video game called Final Fantasy). Here in the Domain of Alberich, who has renounced love to take possession of the gold, the Nibelung are working to forge the actual, ultimate power-giving ring.

But wait a minute… who really are our Nibelungen? You know, I’m always happy for any opportunity to get young people involved in the opera, so for WNO’s production of the Ring, we’ll be casting children dressed as the slaves of Alberich. Sometimes, I playfully call them the Munchkins. (Fun fact: Did you know there were 124 original Munchkins in Oz?!)

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Spotlight on Joel Ayau, Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist

AyauJoelheadshotJoel joined the WNO Domingo-Cafritz Young Artists as a pianist and coach in 2015. Read even more about him here. 


Where were you before you entered the Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist program?

In the army! My first job after finishing my doctorate at Michigan was as the pianist for the Army Chorus, a part of the United States Army Band, “Pershing’s Own”. It was a great first job; interestingly, it was also the position that my piano teacher Martin Katz held during the Johnson administration. I was stationed at Fort Myer in Arlington, VA, and performed for visiting dignitaries, military ceremonies, and concerts. I also performed at Betty Ford’s funeral services, played for all of the former living presidents, accompanied Frederica von Stade and George Shirley, and travelled to China twice to assist in joint concerts between the US Army Band and the band of the People’s Liberation Army.

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