For Further Reading: Aida

Aida performs in the Kennedy Center Opera House September 9-23

Written in an engaging and accessible style, William Berger’s Verdi with a Vengeance: An Energetic Guide to the Life and Complete Works of the King of Opera provides an overview of the composer’s life and the cultural context in which he worked, along with plot descriptions, commentaries, and recommended listening for individual operas.

In the three-volume The Operas of Verdi, Julian Budden offers a comprehensive composition history and musical analysis of each of Verdi’s operas, complete with musical illustrations. Volume Three of this indispensable series covers Don Carlos, Aida, Otello, and Falstaff.

Peter Conrad’s Verdi and/or Wagner considers two cultural giants of the 19th century: “a native son attached to the soil versus a wandering exile; a tribune of the people versus a dictatorial aesthete; a man of progress versus an atavistic myth-maker; a spokesman for afflicted humanity versus a creator of gods, giants, dragons, dwarves, and fairies.”

For Verdi’s Aida: The History of an Opera in Letters and Documents, Hans Busch collects and translates materials related to the unusual genesis of Verdi’s Aida, which was commissioned by and first performed at Cairo’s Khedivial Opera House.