RETNA | Meet the Artists

Concept designer for Aida.

Born Marquis Lewis in Los AngelesRETNA drew inspiration for his name from a Wu Tang Clan lyric.

Deriving his style from the influences of illuminated manuscripts and other text-based art forms, RETNA has become an established contemporary street and studio artist.

Tidbit! RETNA has developed a unique constructed script with roots in calligraphy, hieroglyphics, Hebrew, and Native American typographies that is consistently seen throughout much of his work.

Some of RETNA’s high profile commercial projects include Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” album cover (2015), a VistaJet tailfin (2012), Louis Vuitton signage (2012), and a Nike store design (2011).

Take a look at this gallery of RETNA’s art pieces:

Check out the Kennedy Center’s free RETNA exhibit in the Hall of Nations, August 14 – September 24, 2017.

Come see his stunning scenic design in the WNO’s production of Aida!

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